We On The Rise

Music Video

'We on the rise' is written and performed by Sharon, Eunice, Abbey, Artie, Rudy, Tory, CJ Bradley, Deejay, Leandra and Uncle Micklo.

Produced by: Grow the Music

Recorded at: Grow the Music Studio, Toormina

Film Clip by Jay Black And the Trees Photography

Facilitators: Tory Paasi (Bruce Brazen), Lizzy Rutten and Mick Mooney (Grow the Music), Uncle Micklo Jarrett.

Project Coordinator: Naomi Steinborner, Blue Sky Community Services with thanks to teachers and support staff at Toormina High school.

A special thank you to Uncle Micklo Jarrett for sharing the Gumbaynggirr song ‘Giidany Miirlarl’ (Moon place) as part of this track and inspiring the students through sharing this song alongside Gumbaynggirr culture, stories and reflections on our project themes.

As part of the ‘Change the Story project’ for All One Under the Sun.

Drum roll
Yeah yeah
I said
Drum Roll
Yeah yeah
We go down to the beach
Have a quick swim and a feed
Took a girl out for lunch and dinner at a hub

I said drum roll
Yeah yeah
I said drum roll

Right now I’m in the trenches
Got no money

Cause I started from the rags to riches
Now I’m waiting for the money and all the women’s
I wouldn’t even try to start if it wasn’t for the snitches
Don’t blame my past cause I came from the trenches
Trying to become an athlete not like some stoner like stoner Pete.

Me and all the others are about to start spitting rhymes and heat and all these rhymes are just all neat.
Take it back to the streets
Where my brothers used to creep
All the bars are just making me weep
First, I got caught Coppers came knocking at my door
now I’m spitting rhymes in my Dior


I’m just trying to make it out


I’m just trying to find the right route to

Make it out

I said to myself I’ll make it out but the ops, they just doubt.

But nothing gonna stop me I’m starting from the bottom now I’m climbing to the top

But these flops just hate
But it doesn’t matter, does it?
Cause I’m here saying stuff it.
We gonna make it out we on the grind
Me and my people we on the rise
We’re coming up its our time
We on top we gonna shine
Kicking back with the lads in all black

Think you’re all that
Roughing you up just like a horse track
Dusty like a doormat
Think you’re all that
Spitting words like a wombat
Uppercut you in mortal combat
Pulling up in a nova

Blacked out bends in a blacked-out rover
Ain’t stopping til it’s over
Kickin back
making stacks of green cash
Yeah used to always eat my mash what’s up

What’s ya hashtag

Coppers on me so I gotta dash fast like the flash
Need to back track with ya backpack

Take a lash before you get flash trying to make it out and get it on the map
Call me David Goggins, I’m a top bloke rocking Dior just like pop smoke

Be the top ghost straight out of Coffs coast
Where you from what’s your post code
Spitting bars in the booth
Talk smack

Me and Bradley gonna make you lose a tooth
We gonna make it out we on the grind
Me and my people we on the rise
Where coming up it’s our time
We on top we gonna shine

Ahhhhh …

Giidany Miirl-aarl
Giidany Miirl-aarl-gu
Giidany Miirl-aarl-gu

(Going to the moon, we’re going to the moon)
(Y)aarri ngiinda waruungga jaliijada yiindi
Ngiinda Giidany Miirl-aarl-gu
Ahhhh …
Giidany Miirl-aarl
Giidany Miirl-aarl-gu