Your Words Matter

Short Film

Your Words Matter is a short film created for All One Under the Sun by young people from the Youth Action Collective and Bathtime Productions. It shows the impact for young people from refugee backgrounds when they have been told repeatedly, often by complete strangers, to 'go back to your own country' when they have escaped war and persecution and have been resettled in Australia to find peace and safety.

Starring: Hadiya, Georgie, Polly, Gozal

Also featuring or behind the scenes: Rizel, Roger, Fidel, Rustam, Jay and Medea


'Hey could I please have the ball back'

'No, Go back to your own country'

'People that have said that to me & I haven't given them a response. They don't know my story, no words can come out of my mouth. It wasn't a one day walk it went on for 4 weeks there's horrible conditions, you hardly could breathe. I'll never forget anything that happened to me and my mom and our family.'

'Hey guys come on get the ball'

'I can't go back to my own country and I wish you could understand what we went through'