Freedom, Blame

Music Video

'Freedom, Blame' is written and performed by Denelias -Jaxon (DJ), Imogen, Milly, Gypsy, Olive, Keyshia, Sianna, Aleah, Tyson, Oscar, Naavalan, Healy, Ryan, Darshan and Mohammad

Produced by: Grow the Music

Recorded at: Grow the Music Studio, Toormina

Film Clip by Jay Black And the Trees Photography

Filmed at Wiigulga Sports Complex, Woolgoolga

Facilitators: Lizzy Rutten and Michael Mooney (Grow the Music) and Tory Paasi (Bruce Brazen),  

Cultural Education: Uncle Tony Perkins

Project Coordinator: Naomi Steinborner, Blue Sky Community Services

with thanks to teachers and support staff at Woolgoolga High school.

As part of the ‘Change the Story project’ for All One Under the Sun at Woolgoolga High school in 2023.  All One Under the Sun is based on Gumbaynggirr Country and we pay our respects to Elders past present and emerging.

Change the Story is a Hip Hop and cultural awareness project promoting cross cultural connection, belonging, inclusion, education and empowerment of young people. The project brings young people together to discuss racism and other issues affecting young people, to learn about local Gumbaynggirr culture and history with a local Elder and through all of this to understand more about each other. Together we then create a song and film clip reflecting on everything we have learnt and discussed. Freedom, Blame reflects these young people's experiences, frustrations, aspirations and dreams.

All One Under the Sun is funded by NSW Government through Multicultural NSW and is led by STARTTS and supported by Blue Sky Community Services, Coffs Harbour City Council, Coffs Harbour and Districts Local Aboriginal Lands Council and headspace Coffs Harbour.

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Now there’s something in the air

Maybe just my flair

Now we’re talking about race

Let’s go back retrace

Let’s talk about a deficit

You ask about your preference

You go to police about make believe


Now my people misjudged cause the justice system’s broken

When we stand up for ourselves, we’re misjudged and misspoken

that’s what’s been happening for the last couple decades

Cause you mob are willing to let down the barricades

Because it’s easy to be defensive and compliant

Say the we’re defiant

making us quiet

But nah

Do you know your boy ain’t silent

Because my words are violent,

trying to go against the tyrant

That educated the people

That colonized

called a purification

But instead they stole their culture

And made the lost generation

And blame us for their problems of self determination

Now that’s a complication

Breaking out of the bubble

Expanded horizons

Following the Sun

Coming together

Are we prone to exclusion?

Maybe it’s human ?


Freedom, blame

It’s all part of connection

Learning and sharing


We believe in ourselves

In what we’re told

Flowers in the trees

Over the other side

Living under different rules

Taking people in different directions

We think it’s good

They knew it’s bad

Was it part of connection?

We need to live


My family all around me

They surround me

The guardians that respect me

They protect me

From the people of the world

I’m just a boy

See what happens around me,

people use like a toy

People of our country

Sitting right in front of me

Disrespect the generations

They don’t know that we’re a nation

Where are nation we’re proud

Ignorance, Shame

Freedom, blame

It’s all part of connection

Learning and sharing


We all come from different places

Different colours, different faces

When it comes to it with the same,

just face it

We all have the same start

Same heart

Same part

We can learn to accept each other

And show respect to one another

We all thought that we were all multicultural

Yeah we see racism which of terrible

A lot of people said this was irrelevant

And they said that i was out of my element

I wish we had more freedom so we could survive

So we could live in a world where we do t have to hide

I love this country a lot.

My families happy here

We hurt we learn we play

Be kind

Respect each other

We’re all different but we’re all the same

We’re all the same

We’re all different but we’re all the same

We hurt

We learn

We play

Lights are burning

We were learning

We’re a nation


Lights were burning