Black and Deadly

Music Video

Written by Kahtijah, Isaiha and Tory

Produced by Grow the Music

Recorded at Grow the Music Studio

Film Clip by Jay Black from And The Trees Photography

As part of the ‘Change the Story project’ for All One Under the Sun


"Me and the boys in the studio, we bout to rap some bars, we bout to do it large we bout to make a video.

We’re black fullas yeah, we come from Coffs Harbour.

Straight from this land, we’re raised by our mammas.

I ain't talking (-) now so this is the deal.

Sit your (-) down and I will tell you how I feel.

Black and Deadly got my culture, black and deadly got my mob, 

Black and deadly got my family, black and deadly that’s my job hey.

Black and deadly every day I’ll be writing for them

Black and deadly every day we’ll be stylin' on ‘em.

Black and deadly everyday haters eyes be watchin',

Black and deadly everyday but that’s not my problem.


Makin' money with the family – Black and deadly

Making Tracks, making stacks – Black and deadly

Gangster rap everyday – Black and deadly

At the footy with the doobs Black and deadly.

I’m Black and deadly so you better be ready.

Please stand still coz my aim is steady.

The cops are coming for me, gotta bounce like betty.

And I ain't shaking hands coz you know I’m petty.

Now stop. I started at the bottom, now I'm climbing to the top

And I ain't gonna drop.

This is my gambit, you plaid to my plot

I see all the money and I gotta get a lot.

You should Know by now, I’m Black and deadly

Coz my flows like wow, my tracks are hectic

Leave your ears blown right out coz that’s my recipe.

I’m just trying to grow my power, my stacks especially

I’m a fresh Murry, never take a day off

Something like Steph Curry in the play offs

Celebrate my culture everyday just like its Naidoc

They talk about things they never done, oi they flops

This is it cuz, I got this (-) sussed

Black and deadly stay solid never switch up

Black and deadly coz tracks get ripped up

Black and deadly if you can’t get that than get stuffed."